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Milwaukee Crisis Resource Center


When an individual with chronic mental illness experiences an after-hours crisis, the choice has been jail or the emergency room. Now the Milwaukee Crisis Resource Center offers respite housing and stabilization staffed by peer support specialists and an on-site nurse. The Center provides mental and physical health assessment, case management and connections to existing housing, mental health, and legal services. A community mental health task force including the police, courts, county mental health, hospital systems, mental health service providers and consumers, family members and advocates developed this remarkable public/private partnership.

Project Director/Key Contact:

Dan Baker
Program Director
1040 South 70st. Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233
Phone: (414) 476-9631 Fax: (414) 476-9615

Local Funder(s):
  • AMS Fund
  • Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation
  • Forest County Potawatomi Community Foundation
  • Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Paraclete Fund
  • Greater Milwaukee Foundation, ELM Fund
  • Greater Milwaukee Foundation
  • Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program
  • Faye McBeath Foundation

Grant Recipient: Transitional Living Services, Inc.

Grant Amount: $500,000

Grant Period: 7/1/2007 - 6/30/2010

Grant Status: Closed

Recipient Web Site: